FC100DF-BINO(Self Assembly) / 自作

Dear Tatsuro,
Finally, I completed the 4″ refractor FC-100DF binoscope assembly,
It’s a view of fantasy, nothing can be compared.
I took apart of it and taught my friend (the binoscope’s owner) how to assemble it by himself today, it took me half a day, much longer than my expectation, then I finally aware of something 🙂
let me share it with you…
People with some basic understanding or experience, only very basic is enough to learn quickly. but if people are lazy or hesitate to try or people with strong subjective (generally it’s wrong), they are really hard to learn new, they can not master binoscope well for sure.
However, I completed the “technical transfer” and my friend did adjustment pretty well at the end.
I have to thanks for your very good instruction in Web, and your great product.
Ted W. , Taiwan
Comment by Matsumoto;
Thank you Ted for allowing me to introduce your e-mail report in my website.
Congratulations on your finishing the fine binoscope, and I am much appreciative of your effort in sharing your experience with your followers in your country.