How to adjust the IPD with the Helicoid of EMS / 目幅調製のやり方(ヘリコイド式)


Note that the left and right Helicoid are designed as reversed screws with each other so that you can operate them ergonomically.


FC100DL-BINO completed! 完成!

FC100DL-BINO is just completed.
The perfect reproducibility of the optical axes is accomplished.
The older style of the solid structure has no more merit than this separable structure.


FC100DL-BINO preliminarily assembled / 仮組立、成功

On the verge of assembly, I found the back-focus missing about 20mm, and I replaced the original 2″ adapter for more low-profiled one.

(タカハシの不適切な接眼部は承知の上で、予想内のことでした。^^; 鏡筒カットなしで対応できましたから御の字です。)