Proximate Annular Eclipse” 近金環食!

Contrary to the relatively pessimistic weather forcast, we were blessed with almost perfect clear sky this morining. This photo is taken by the hand held collimation on my 10cmF5-BINO(restricted to 50mm) at 7:06, about 30 minutes before the deepest eclipse. I could not make shots of the climax because so many friends, neighbors, and pedestrians gathered to watch it. The ring is split here, but such deep eclipse is very rare and I am very happy to have been able to watch and share the eclipse with my friends.

P.S.: My daughter, medical student living separate, later sent me the right photo she took by the holes of loose leaf sheet. “Sorry Daughter that I forgot to send you the watching glass in advance.”

写真は10cmF5-BINO(5cm絞り)による手持ちコリメート。 最大食から約30分前の7時6分。 天気予報が外れ、ほぼ快晴下で、観察できました。


医学生の娘(こちらに居ないので今回一緒に観察できなかった)が後で右の写真を送って来ました。 ルーズリーフの穴を利用したとのこと。

EMS-UXL-Super Premium completed / EMS-UXL-Super Premium 完成

“EMS-UXL-Super Premium” is completed !

Photo3: Over-sized second mirror will allow still more larger oculars such as 40mm wide field.
Photo4: 60X120mm elliptical mirror will grasp the whole of the light cone from 250mm aperture objective.
Photo2: The special rod between the fixed barrel and the last tube from the helicoid will cancel the focus change in adjusting the IPD. And it will also reinforce the total mechanism of the EMS.
Photo7: The helicoid is the one which is customized for the binocular use; very rigid and smooth. And reversed screw for the left (right) one enables the ergonomic operation in adjusting the IPD.

ようやくEMS-UXL-Super Premiumが完成しました。 25㎝3枚玉アポ(長焦点)BINOの 高度な要求に応えられると確信しています。EMSを発売して23年目に至り、今までの 懸案が全て解決しました。 左右の鏡筒を完全に固定でき、眼幅調整に追加の 反射を要求せず、目幅調整時にピント移動も生じないということです。