30th Anniversary Sale Now ! / EMS発売30周年記念セール開催中

Thanking for your patronage over the years, I am having 30th Anniversary Sale now. (Deadline is undecided.)

New Years Party of our Armwrestling-Club / アーム道場の新年会

I have lived half-life so seriously and ascetically. Please allow me to go on the loose quite once in a while.

A Happy New Year! / あけまして、おめでとうございます!


The new year’s photo above was taken through the window of my bed-room this morning.
The color of the sky is typical in winter of my area. In other word Sun Shine in Winter is so precious in my area, San-In district.

Eye-focusers ready to be shipped to Germany

Eye-focusers for the light-weight eye-pieces with the EMS.
(Do not use on super-heavy-weight eyepieces such as 1 kg or more.)

Another EMS-UL SET for Germany completed!

This EMS-UL SET is specialized for the “D” of 190mm so that it can be used on the Center Mount.  Diameter of the dew-shield of the OTA should be smaller than 190mm. From 10 cm to 15cm of the OTA will be no problem.


Center Mount for EMS-BINO for Germany completed


これで水平回転部の部品は払底しました。 垂直回転ユニットは最後の1台分だけが残っています。以前に引き合いがあった時には、在庫僅少を理由にご注文をお断りしてしまいました。不公平が生じてしまいましたが、その辺の判断の微妙な機微、お客さんとのタイミングと相性があるのです。

EMS-ULS SET in black for Germany completed/ -ULS 黒完成

お客さんが迷われるのも、無理はありません。 ただ、これはお客様のニーズにできる限り細かく対応させていただきたい一心の結果であります。経営的には、種類を減らした方が生産性が上がってずっと有利なのですから。^^;