Year end Arm- Party at Dan-Dan-Stadium in Yonago-City /アームレスリング忘年会(於;だんだんスタジアム米子)

Arm-wrestling year-end party took place at Dan-Dan-Stadium in Yonago city last night.
I would like firstly extend my sincerest appreciation to the staffs of the event and Mr.Nishikawa,my teacher who kindly drove us to the site and back without drinking himself.
This time, I only got one win. The strong layman left some damage on my right arm, and I could not show my ability
at the following match.
自分の試合の結果は、初戦のみの1勝のみでした。 初戦で当たった素人さんがとても強くて、右腕のダメージが回復しないまま2回戦に入り、納得行くパフォーマンスが発揮出せませんでした。

The second opponent was Mr.Kondo who was once a light-weight champ. of Tottori Pref., and I lost.
But I am happy that he admired me that I showed some progress than one-year ago.



The first snow / 最初の雪(鳥取市)


We had a first snow in the center of Tottori City.
The photos were taken at 7 A.M. and no snow can be seen now.(4:30 P.M.)

今、午後4時半現在は溶けていますが、非常に寒いです。 いよいよ本格的な冬の到来のようです。

The appeal of Arm-Wrestling / アームレスリングの魅力

Here is Japanese saying, “Haeba tate, tateba ayume no oyagokoro.”
The meaning is;
“Stand if you crawl, Walk if you stand. It is parental affection.”
I am just receiving such kind guidance from the senior arm-wrestlers in my Arm-Dojo. I have almost acquired the knak of the top-roll and am learning the special knak of gripping. They are very serious and kind in improving my skill.
No other sport or hobby is more decisive and faster in choosing the winner than Arm-Wrestling.
In other word, Arm-Wrestling is the rare sport in which the efforts will be clearly rewarded.
Look into the cyber field, you will find so many false authorities sprinkling sloppy informations and they are shadowing the truth. But, in the world of Arm-Wrestling, the stronger will always win!


Result of the local Armwrestling Match / 10/15のアーム大会の結果

preliminary-left / 予選−左

Local Armwrestling match, open category, took place in Tottori City yesterday. The venue was the chartered pub, “Moguraya”.
I won the second place (but with no prize) on the normal grade of the right hand.
The winner of the normal grade was Mr.W of my Dojo, and it was not far from what I had expected.
On the left hand, my condition was too good on the elimination match that I was chosen into the expert section at the final match, and I dropped out early.
Our leader, and the host of this match,too strong, did not enter the right hand match to give the chance to other competitors. The right-hand winner on the expert section was the guy from Yonago City, Mr.N.

ノーマルの右の優勝者は我が道場のW君で、妥当な結果でした。 また、外部からの(無名の)新人に強者がいたのは予想外でした。(善戦していました。)


Dr.M passed away. / M 先生、さようなら。

I knew yesterday that Dr.M, ophthalmology specialist (eye-doctor)in Tottori City had passed away on 9th of this month. He was such a considerate doctor for his patients that he was very careful and modest in issuing the prescriptions for glasses.
And I feel it very honored that he would often seeked me for advices in making the critical decisions in his difficult cases on the prescriptions.
I pray that his soul may rest in peace, and always be by the side of his patients and lovers.


Rubber Gun / 連発ゴム銃

I was amazed by the wise mechanism of the four shooter of the rubber gun the son of my niece brought with him.

My niece, also an ophthalmology specialist took a visit to me with her only son.


She presented this glass to me.

Lost to the sons of my nephew / 甥の子に負けた。

My nephew,Ophthalmology Specialist,took a visit to me with her wife and two sons, yesterday.
His two sons, the older is nine and two month’ and the yonger four and eight months,challenged me as a team on

I know average adult will have to use both hands to win over me in armwestling.
More over children, even in duo, should never defeat me even by four hands.
But I easily lost to the two sons’ team effort by four hands. I have leaned that we shold not underestimate

何と、兄弟連携の奇襲にあえなく惨敗! 子供を侮ってはいけません。^^; 後で聞いたら、甥と長男は毎週ボルダリングの練習をしているとのことで、
納得した次第。^^; 一対一で本気勝負をしないといけなくなる日も遠くないかも知れない。^^;

First Silver Medal at the local Arm-Wrestling match / 始めての銀メダル(米子がいな祭り杯)

Reverse side? Which is the face side?

Extra prie of the juicer. The fan is that the Muscular man of SDF personel,I defeated at the third round, gave to me.


Are you a highschool student? You were so strong for your age.
君は高校生か? それにしては強かったよ。


Later proved to be you were also a body-builder. You looked taller than me by 10cm and having 10kg more weight at least.
あなたもボディビルダーだったんですね。 私よりも身長で10cm、体重で10kgは大きかった。


You, Muscular SDF personnel,your rumor has being heard even in Tottori City that you were the most powerful winning candidate.
I will successively train myself so that I would not be revenged by you someday.


You were the giant that standed out most conspicuously among the competitors. You looked far above 6-feet and I heard that you were 108kg in the weight.
I will revenge you next time.

あなたは体重108kgだそうで、地元のプロレスラーだと後で聞きました。 次回は雪辱できるように頑張ります。

試合後の光景: 自衛隊ブースの隣でした。



Commemorative day / 記念すべき日

This is the commemorative day, today.
When I was watching the H-alpha Sun through the Solar EMS-BINO near the entrance of my shop , my Master,Mr.NIshikawa(the leader of the Armwrestling Dojo), kindly brought me the new T-shirt designed for our Dojo.(Thsi is the naked one.)
The shirt was so nice and I was extremely happy that I could share the vivid prominence of the Sun through the Binoscope. He was so efficient to catch the prominence of the Sun despite that it was his first experience.


Local Arm-wrestling party / 地元でのアーム大会

The first Arm-Party organized by our Dojo was held last night at a bar in Tottori City.
I got one-Win and two-loss, but it is my memmorative first setp to the carrier of Armwrestling.

Anyway, I had blissful time last night over a cup of beer with my Arm-Friends.

応援を含めて、40名は会場に集まったか? 盛大な会になりました。
写真は、いつもの練習仲間との記念撮影。 もちろんフレーム外にも、世話になっている仲間はたくさん
います。 皆さん、本当にありがとう。 少年期よりストイックに孤独に目標に突っ走って来て、子育ても
一段落して気付くと、この年令になっていました。 今、置き去りにしてしまった物を取り戻しています。
そうそう、肝腎のアーム大会の成績は?、1勝2負。^^; 本戦初戦で1勝を挙げたのは、記念すべきこと。2戦目は
体重120kgはありそうな巨漢で、瞬殺ではなかったもののあえなく敗退。 敗者復活戦では、後ちょっと
まで相手を追い込んで勝ったと思って安心したところで戻されて逆転負け。 まあ、手応えがあった大会でした。