Chugoku Mountains from my bed room / 寝室から見えた中国山地

I awoke to find very clear view of south-eastern horizen this morning.It is quite rare that I can see Chugoku Mountains tens of miles away in such cloudy sky.
So I took a picture of it by my iPhone (7:04AM).

The center is the bell tower of the Lutheran Church whose kindergarten I used to go.


Orion by iPhone-6

Anxious about my mother with the bladder cancer woke me up before 3 o’clock of this morning.
I opened the window of my bed-room to find the Orion above the City Hall building.(by iPhone,1/3 s exposure)


小雲 夕 さんが DSO 観望ガイドブック出版 / Mr. Yu Kogumo published DSO guide book.

小雲 夕 さんDSO 観望ガイドブックをついに出版されました。
SkySafari-6 Proに即した構成で、実際に長年観測された経験に基づき、星図と説明文の配置にも親切な配慮が行き届いています。星図は赤色灯下で見やすいようにモノクロで明瞭に印刷されています。

New Friend / 新しい友達

I had a first drink last night with my new friend, Mr.Hirofumi Fukumoto,a junior-high teacher; at some pub in Yayoi-Cho in Tottori.
He is also so much ivoleved in crafting things and appreciates my work of binoscopes.
He had shown my TV program to his students and he brought the impression letters by them. Obviously I was so much moved by that.
This is his present of his own making, a fabulous wooden cutouts. What a craftsmanship!!


Vallentine’s Cookie from my daughter / 娘からのバレンタイン・クッキー

Hand made cookies arrived from my daughter, Neurologist, as a Vallentine’s Day present.

The latter photo is the screw case she made for my birthday persent 21-years ago. It was made of a caramel case by herself and I could not dispose for 21-years.


I am proud of my daugher who has gone through many hardships into where she is.
I can say that she has gone ahead of me already.

I would like to share her writing in junior high with you.

My Challenge

When I tried something, I seldom saw it through to the end. I asked myself, “What would be the best way to change myself? What can I do to challenge myself?”
I chose judo for its intensity and its discipline, and joined the judo club with my best friend Kayo.
“Namiko joined the judo club!” “Unbelievable!” Everyone was surprised at my decision.

In my first year the judo club had seven members with Kayo and me being the only girls. I enjoyed judo until the third graders retired. With the third graders gone, other team members lost interest and their attendance was sporadic. Eventually they quit coming one by one. Kayo and I were the only ones who still went to practice.

The second year arrived and the judo club reached a wall. I anticipated new members but the school year didn’t bring a single one. Kayo and I found ourselves totally alone during practice. How were we going to improve?
Then something happened. Anri, one of my classmates, joined the club. Anri became very active at judo and provided a breath of fresh air.

The third school year began with a ray of hope: three freshmen members. They brought energy to our club, but at the same time, I was feeling responsibility as a captain.
In May, we had a grade promotion test. I had two matches. In one I had a draw and I lost the other by ippon. The judge later said to me, “You don’t have your judo yet!” I could do nothing but admit those words. It was clear that my judo was nothing but awful. I felt as if I were thrown to the starting point. What have I done these two years?

The last match is over, but in the end, I could not show any winning record. What a disappointment! I wanted to compete in more matches, and I wanted to win more. I thought, perhaps I made the wrong decision. I thought as if it had been wrong to choose the judo club. “What in the world have I done with judo? ”
When I was so depressed, Kayo said to me. “I also can’t say I don’t have any regret, but there is no use crying for the past.”
“That’s right.” There must be at least something I got from judo.
Suddenly, a flashback, the faces of my friends who have always been together at practice.
I once injured my back during practice just the day before the match. I was depressed because I couldn’t take part in the match and had to stay in bed. After the match, Kayo and Anri kindly visited me with a present and encouraged me by telling about the match. How happy I am with such nice friends!
Yes, it’s judo that brought us all together. My friends and experiences with judo will remain with me for the rest of my life.
In the end, did I change myself? I will know the answer at my next challenge in the future.

幼くして苦笑するほどのストイックさで、もし父の影響があったとしたら、むしろ謝らないといけないけど、そのストイックさて道を切り開いて来たことも事実。 ただこの先は、幸せな人生を歩んで欲しいと願うばかり。^^;

Typical example of unwearable glasses / 使えないメガネの典型的な例



例として、右眼は乱視がなくて、上下左右方向共(つまり全方向)- 2.0Dの近視で、左眼は乱視があり、水平方向が – 2.0Dに対して、上下方向は – 3.0Dだとします。(直乱視)

R: S – 2.00 D
L: S – 2.00 D : C – 1.00 D AX.180°





R: S+2.25 D : C+1.00 D AX 130°
L: S+2.75 D





We must be well aware that Cylindrical Lens of skew axis for the cure of astigmatism will cause the seriously bad reaction of the image inclination.


R: S+2.75 D
L: S+2.75 D


メガネの度数が正確で眼にぴったり合致していて、はっきり見えるかどうか、という価値判断しか持っておられないからだと思います。 眼に合っていれば、像が歪むはずはない、と思い込んでいるので、最初からその方のチェック項目に入っていないわけです。
このことを、私たち(医療従事者やメガネ屋)は特に注意しないといけません。 乱視を含むレンズは、非対称に度数が分布しているため、倍率も非対称に歪むわけで、それはレンズの歪曲収差等とは全く意味が異なり、矯正原理から生じるもので不可避なものであることを、事前にしっかりと患者(お客)さんに伝えておかないといけません。


Liked by the walking dog / 散歩中の犬に好かれる

When I was closing the shutter of my shop this evening, a walking dog, a small Pomeranian, suddenly out its way to jump at me with joy all in her(his) body.
Her owner, a young mother, on the lead panicked and tried to stop her apologizing to me, but I said,
“No problem, I like dogs!” and cuddled and holded the dog showing happiness in all its body.
The dog was so happy with me that it would not like to move to its way home with the owner, and the owner had to pick her up to return to their way. It was a good day today. It is very rare to occur at the first meet with the stranger dog.



それにしても、初対面でこの喜びようは珍しい。しゃがんで抱き寄せ、ちょっと(人間で言う)脊柱起立筋(デッドリフトがよく効く)辺りを指圧してあげたところ、ますます興奮し、大喜び。^^; 犬は帰宅拒否になって動かなくなってしまい、やむなくオウナーさんが抱えて帰路に付かれた。^^;