Never ending snow /降り止まない雪

At this record cold weather, the air conditioner of my shop broke down.
The 19-year-old machine should be replaced for new one, which will take another week.

Morning view at home/ 今朝の空

7:13 AM
Our area is rarely sunny at this time of year.
When I woke up, it showed clear sunrise sky as the photo above. But, when I went down to the ground to open my shop, it was raining.

Fabulous Christmas Card from Taiwan !

Just received your fabulous Christmas Card, Mr. T.W. in Taiwan!
Thank you very much, and I wish you, too, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 何でもデジタルで済ませてしまう昨今の自分を反省。 ありがとうTさん!