Bronze Medal I got at the Local Armwrestling match / アームレスリング山陰大会で銅メダル

This is the bronze medal I got at the local Armwerstling Match, San-in Tornament, today at Funaoka-Chikurin-Koen.
The medal reads “The third prize at the open-weight”.
This is very impressive one for me because I had once canceled to enter because of my mother in danger of death with her terminal cancer. I made up my mind to enter it just two days ago because my mother was still fine contrary to our pessimistic estimation. I could show it to my mother this evening and she looked very happy.
There were 4-classes in the tornament, under 60kg,under 70kg, under-80kg, and over-80kg. As my weight was 63kg I were to enter in under-70kg. But because of my arm-carrier a bit longer than the restriction, I had to bare the weight handicap, and entered the over-80kg class (open-weight).

体重63kgの私がなぜ80kg超級(無差別級)に出たかと申しますと、今回のエントリー制限の、経験2年未満という条件を超えてしまっていたためのハンデを負ったわけです。^^; (我が道場主催の大会なので、身内には厳格にしないとね。^^;)

After the match, I was very happy to have the lesson from the Asia-Champion of Mr. Otani. He was very nice!

Match Venue under preparations