TSA102-BINO (reform from TSA120-BINO) by Mr.Matt S. Canberra, Australia

Hello dear Tatsuro,

I hope you are well and safe from the storms that I have been watching on the news.
I recently decided to down-size my binoscope a little bit.  I replaced the two Takahashi TSA120 tubes with a pair of TSA102S to make for a lighter and more portable system as I also have an 18” scope I just completed.
I have not yet had a chance to try out the smaller binoscope but I expect it will also be successful.  The EMS-ULS and adapters are a direct fit and there is enough back focus for it to work as well as the original setup.  Range made a new cradle for me, I am using the same ‘D’ of 170mm so there is no need to adjust anything.
I took a couple of pictures today of the new setup.  Here is also a picture of my new 18” scope, it took me about 5 months build it.
the 18” is in a welded aluminium structure with carbon fibre poles and kevlar/carbon baffle. It is an F3.5 so I can stay seated even when looking at zenith.
I find the binoscope is a great complement to the big scope.
Stay safe,
Comment by Matsumoto;

Dear Matt,
Thank you very much for your thrilling report.
Congratulations on the successful reform of your TSA120-BINO into 102S-BINO and finishing the splendid 18”scope.
I am looking forward to have your further report after watching the targets of seasons.

Thank you for allowing me to post your report to my website.

Best regards,