160mm Apo-BINO by Mr.Thomas Möller / 16cmアポBINO(自作)

Dear Tatsuro,

After several modifications my binoscope now seems to be (almost) complete. Here is a short summary of the main features:

  • 160 mm f/6.5 apochromatic, oil spaced triplet lenses

  • EMS-UXL-Premium light erecting systems

  • telescope built with lightweight carbon components, total weight 11.8 kg (whole telescope)

  • stiff single arm centre mount

  • stiff lightweight carbon tripod

The total weight of the instrument of ~ 16.2 kg (telescope, mount and tripod) allows easy use and transportation to a dark site. For me it is the final telescope. Some more detailed information can be found here:


Thanks a lot for all your support, the EMS units were a fundamental ingredient for building it.

Best regards



Comment by Matsumoto;

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your mail. I am very happy to hear from you after a long time. Congratulations on your splendid binoscope finished. Actually speaking, I had noticed your binoscope in the Internet. I would love to put your News on my web page, Thank you!

>For me it is the telescope I was dreaming of for many years. You may be surprised, it is the only telescope I own. It shows me all I like to see
in the most beautiful way, open star clusters, the milky way, galaxies
with spiral structure (M31, M51, M33..) the moon and planets. Thanks a
lot for helping me to realize such nice  project.

I am extremely happy to hear that. And I am amazed by your planning sense and craftsmanship. You did a splendid job!!

best regards

見事なBINOです。EMS-UXLのみを求められて、後は架台を含めて全て自作(外注含む)された物ですが、言語の壁を乗り越えてEMS製作者の意図を十分に汲み取り、機能的にも美観的にも卓越したBINOを実現されました。 Thomasさんの技量と美的センスに最大限の拍手を送りたいと思います。