The moon above the closed city hall /廃市庁舎の上の月

5;18 AM


3x image of the moon



3x image of the moon superimposed. It is near the visual impression.


Dear Thomas,

Dear Thomas,
Your order is ready to ship.
Please let me know of your shipping address ASAP.
(There seems to be some mailing trouble.)

Prominence of this morning / 11/17朝のプロミネンス

9:27 AM

This prominence was seen at 9 o’clock direction, and I also noted far longer prominence at 6 o’clock direction. But, I could not draw the larger but slighter one in the photo.


Encoder setting on the HF2-MOUNT

A horizontal encoder and my AAS-2(altitude sensor) will give you the perfect PushTo assistance with the SkySafari App.