Dear Tatsuro –

I am sending you photos of my completed binoscope. All is perfect.

I am enjoying the views very much. My self-made mount functions very well in all respects. I even find no need to add any friction adjustment capability, because the adjustable stainless steel weights allow perfect quick adjustment for fine balance with any eyepiece pair to perfectly hold any altitude. Of course, this idea was given to me from the photograph of the TOA-130 binoscope on your web site. It was a very good idea and I thank you for it.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the TOA-130 is the heavy weight, which requires more careful setup and take down, especially the take down in the dark. But of course the big advantage is the optical near perfection.

I am not exactly happy with these photos, because it is hard to see detail of the black mount when the sky background it so bright. I hope to take some better photos on a cloudy day to send you some better photo.

Best regards,
John Pierce

 Here comes his quick response!


Thank you for the link. Now, yes, I would like to add to my report these comments:———————————–

Tatsuro, I want to thank you very much for your EMS backs that I purchased from Joe Castoro. Your EMS backs are very fine craftsmanship, and your design is very elegant. The system is easy to collimate and merging views is always easy. And I really appreciate the views that are oriented correctly up/down and left/right. The various adjustments have become easy to accomplish now with very little thought. This is all made possible by your great EMS invention.

Thank you for suggesting that I should use your Extra Large 65mm EMS backs. These TOA-130 are rather large diameter, and the Extra Large backs allow the tubes to be spaced a wider distance apart. I think assembly of the system would be less convenient with the 50mm EMS backs requiring closer spacing of the telescopes. Plus I am happy to know that there is never any vignetting with this system.

My eyesight is not perfect. My left eye has a little astigmatism, and my right eye has more astigmatism. The merging of two eye views results in an image quality that helps very much to overcome the defects of my eyesight, without wearing glasses. Thank you for making this possible.

I would also like to thank Joe Castoro for his advice and assistance in helped me to make a successful binoscope. Joe is a good partner for you in the USA.


Dear John,
Congratulations on your completion of the fine “TOA130-BINO”! I am much proud of you on the splendid job. It is very interesting and exciting to see various approach that is different from mine, but as efficient as mine. I also note of your special talent of planning, too. I am also looking forward to your next plan and am always ready to assist you. Thank you for your generosity to allow me to put your name and e-mail link on this file, too. I am always welcome of your further contribution to this corner. Your friend, Tatsuro mustn’t forget to thank Mr.Joe Castoro who had kindly assisted him through his project, too. 

 EMSセットと鏡筒用65φスリーブのみをご提供し、後は自作されました。(自ら設計して外注 されたパーツも含む) いつも思うのですが、言語の壁を越えて、EMS接眼部のみを取り寄せてBINOを自作される外国の方には、深い 敬意を禁じ得ません。BINO本体の製作には、BIG-BINOの服部さんの作品も参考にされたそうです。最初のメールをUPさせていただいたら、ジョンは直ぐに追加のコメントをくれました。 まさに以心伝心。近所に住んでいてもコミュニケーションが取り難い友人もいますが、地球の裏側に 住んでいても痒い所に手が届く友もいる。スリリングな時代に生きて良かった。^^