EMS housings in the processing

動画は2日前。 今日までに急遽30個加工し、塗装業者に預けました。

Another EMS-UL SET for Taiwan completed!

This EMS-UL SET wit IPD-Helicoid will offer the IPD range of 60(minimum) to 78mm(maximum) at the “D” of 160mm.(60-73 at the D of 155mm for example)

The total light path in this EMS is 166mm at the IPD of 64mm. The larger the IPD,the shorter is the light path.  But considering the margin of 15mm, the back-focus should be secured about 180mm or longer.

Prominence this morning / 今朝のプロミネンス(APM120SD-BINOCULAR)

9:16AM, 01/14, 2019

82mmUV&IR-CUT filter—82mmR2filter—-APM120SD-BINOCULAR(f=660)—-ES3X-extender —-COMBO-QUARK(chromo)—–LAVENDURA40mm — iPhone6 hand-held


Early morning of my birthday / 誕生日の早朝(金星と木星)

Such fine morning is rare at this season of the year in Tottori.
Stop to think of myself, I must admit that I have been too strict with myself through my life.
I wish I would enjoy the rest of my life as much as possible.