Dear Tatsuro,

My last components arrived this morning for the “Bi-Tak120” from Range in Shanghai so I have just finished assembly of the binoscope.
It is raining here and very cloudy so first light will have to wait a few days.
I will be using it initially on a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6GT mount but will later build a custom fork mount to have a lightweight system.
I will send some more pictures once I get a chance to take the scope outside.
Thank you once again for the fantastic EMS-ULS system, they fitted perfectly into the adapters Range designed and arranged for me.
Good health and best regards,
 Matt Saarikko of Canberra, Australia
Comment by Matsumoto / 管理者のコメント
Congratulation on the great success of your fine Binoscope!
I would like to give you my utmost applaud on your feat.
You have learnt a lot of things about binoscope making beyond the language barriers.
EMS-ULSセット(ヘリコイド目幅仕様)をお送りしただけで、このような立派なBINOを完成されました。お見事です! 追加のリポートも追って、くださるそうなので、楽しみです。^^