Hello Tatsuro,
Thanks for your great product,
In January, I started my first EMS-Binoscope, a pair of mini Borg 55FL.
everyone in my local astronomy club were amazed by its outstanding performance.
People in here were all unfamiliar with EMS-Bino,
that’s my pleasure to intruduce the great product to them.
last month, I try to assembly a Borg 71FL Bino in EMS-US, that even better a lot than 55FL.
Attached are the pictures of my 55FL and 71FL BINO and some sketch by 55FL EMS.
TS Wang,Taiwan
Comments by Matsumoto:
Dear Ted,
Congratulations on finishing your fine binoscope and mastering it for the field use!   I was amazed by your fine craftsmanship and the good aesthetic sense.   I am very proud of you!
Best regards,