BORG-107FL-BINO by Mr.Zhao Xiaoqiang, China

Dear Tatsuro,

I haven’t contacted with you since purchase of EMS-Bino. Today I browsed your website and saw a lot of fabulous Binoscopes, which reminded me to write a letter about mine.

First of all, thanks for your great product.

In the fall of 2017, I started my plan of EMS-Binoscope. With the help of several friends, including Range and 2047 and others, my binoscope was finished in the spring of 2018. Up to now I have used it for one year and it is satisfactory.

The objectives of my binoscope are two set of Borg 107mm lens which included one piece of fluorite lens in each. One amazing feature of the Borg 107mm lens set is that the tube will be stretched out when used, while drew back when stored. So the 107mm binoscope could be very compact. The focusers are Feather Touch FTF3035.

My friend, whose online name is 2047, proposed the general conception for the binoscope and made the other components except the objective, focuser and EMS-Bino.

Attached are the pictures of my 107FL binoscope.

Good health and best regards,

Sunglasses of Beijing, China

Comment by Matsumoto;

It is my greatest pleasure to get reports from my clients.
Above all, this binoscope is the most impressive one I have ever seen.
I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you and those who had assisted you for the accomplishment of this fine Binocope using my EMS.