APO110ED-BINO by Mr.Yuri Petrunin, USA

2018,1/14 anodizing completed.



(This is the innovative mount he chose this time.)

It is like eating A5 Wagyu beef: the taste is so delicious, that you do not want to swallow.
So, in short about first experience with binoscope made of two APO110ED F6.5 + EMS system:(EMS-ULS with IPD helicoid)
first – it is quite “delicious” and dangerous: once you see sky with both eye you would not want to go back to cyclopic observing. The danger comes from double cost + for set up.
second – adjusting binoscope (EMS system) to your IPD is like to start riding the bicycle, once you learn – it goes easy after.
third – keep in mind the binoscope is like your comfortable shoes – they fit mostly for you, it could be a bit unfriendly to other people. Usual telescope may serve better for public observing.
I did try a bit of “deep sky”¹ and the moon in early morning. Power: from 100X to 32X.
¹ there is no real deep sky at my backyard, have to get a house with better views.

Yuri Petrunin, USA

Comment by Matsumoto / 管理者のコメント

Yuri ! Congratulations on the completion of the fabulous Binoscope!
I was much impressed by your exquisite expression in your impression observing through the binoscope, too.