Year end Arm- Party at Dan-Dan-Stadium in Yonago-City /アームレスリング忘年会(於;だんだんスタジアム米子)

Arm-wrestling year-end party took place at Dan-Dan-Stadium in Yonago city last night.
I would like firstly extend my sincerest appreciation to the staffs of the event and Mr.Nishikawa,my teacher who kindly drove us to the site and back without drinking himself.
This time, I only got one win. The strong layman left some damage on my right arm, and I could not show my ability
at the following match.
自分の試合の結果は、初戦のみの1勝のみでした。 初戦で当たった素人さんがとても強くて、右腕のダメージが回復しないまま2回戦に入り、納得行くパフォーマンスが発揮出せませんでした。

The second opponent was Mr.Kondo who was once a light-weight champ. of Tottori Pref., and I lost.
But I am happy that he admired me that I showed some progress than one-year ago.