TSA120-BINO first light report / ファーストライトの感動!

Dear Tatsuro,

I thought you might like an update now that I have had some time to use the Bino-TSA120.
The binoscope is performing beautifully. The EMS-ULS system works so very well. It is a real pleasure to view through and has exceeded my expectations.
We recently compared the Bino-TSA with my friend’s Takahashi TOA150 which was equipped with the Baader MkV binoviewers.
The view through the binoscope was quite noticeably brighter than the TOA150 with binoviewers, in fact the Bino-TSA showed a brighter view than the TOA150 in mono-mode. Our targets were NGC104, NGC3372, NGC4755, M42 and M45.
The view of M42 in the binoscope was spectacular, with the ‘wings’ of nebula seemingly wrapped around the Trapezium stars.
The view showed also better contrast as well as the beautiful 3-dimensional effect.  Using a set of Takahashi Abbe and LE eyepieces at magnifications between 28x and 180x was easily accomplished and we had no trouble merging the images. The X & Y adjusters worked perfectly to ‘stack’ the images.
I have since then also spent a few hours viewing the Moon. Using the Takahashi Abbe 18mm eyepieces, the Moon took on a 3-dimensional look and seemed to just float there against the blackness of space almost as if I was in orbit above it.
I must also acknowledge Range for his excellent work in producing the cradle and adapters for me, they too are working faultlessly.
I have some photographs here, taken at the Mount Stromlo Observatory, which you may also use if you wish.
Kind regards,
Matt Saarikko
Garran Australia
Comment by Matsumoto / 管理者のコメント

Dear Matt,

It is amazing!
Nothing is more happier New Year’s gift than such a report!
I can post your report both in my user’s report corner and my FACEBOOK at a time, can’t I?
You wrote your experience so eloquently that I feel as if I were there.
The mount is the traditional one in structure, but very well made and it looks very rigid.
The craftsmanship of Range on the frame is superb, too.
 I do wish you the best of look of this year with your fine Binoscope!
Best regards,
15cm単鏡筒+双眼装置を圧倒したのは当然(たとえ10cm-BINOでも同様だったでしょう)ですが、理屈で論破するよりも、ユーザーさんの実体験はより説得力があります。^^ 分解能等を持ち出して、単体鏡筒+双眼装置の優位性を主張する方もいますが、今回のリポートにはそれを十分に喝破するものがあります。