Solution for the bug of AudioStar(LX80) on SkySafari3-Pro/Plus !!速報!LX80のSkySafari上でのカーソルの移動方向のバグの回避方法が分かりました!!


It may sound that this title is not related to binoscope making, but it is.It is very important for the TOA150-BINO in the making, which is to be loaded on the LX80 and will be linked to SkySafari via SkyFi.The trouble I had found is the wrong directions of the movement of the target cursor in the screen of iPhone/iPad on SkySafari.My friend who is an excellent digital engineer has just discoverd a wise way to evade the annoying bug of the AudioStar controller.He has uploaded a video in Youtube, but I am sorry that he spoke in Japanese only. I is rather difficult to instruct it even in Japanese, but I will do my best in English now, to share this precious accumplishment with my dear astronomy friends in all over the world.

1. Never use the fastest rate “9”. 2. Set the speed to the moderate level as shown in the video on the screen of Skysafari. It coincides with rate”6″ in the AudioStar controller. 3. Then tap the four direction buttons in the screen of SkySafari in turns. You will find odd directions in the lateral ones. But never go panic now. 4. Then, take the AudioStar controller and set the speed rate as “6”, and push every direction keys in turns. 5. Now, return to the SkySafari again, and tap the direction buttons on the screeen again. You will find the right directions of the cursor now!! After doing this process, you can choose the speed level from 1 to 8 (except for 9) at the AudioStar, and you will find no bug even in SkySafari.

LX80のコントローラー(AudioStar)について、SkySafari上のカーソルの移動方向にバグがあったのですが、この度、またTさんがこのバグの 回避方法を解明してくださいました。 これは私たち天文マニア、とりわけLX80でSkySafariを使用している(計画している)者にとりまして、この上ない 朗報であります。Tさんの快挙は、大いに喝采に値するものです。 日本の方には、私が下手にご説明するよりも、Tさんがさっそく動画を作成してくださっていますので、 それをご覧いただきましょう。