Review of EMS-UM by Mr.John Van Allen; member of the Dominican Astronomy Society , “ASTRODOM”/ EMS-UM レビュー

Good Morning Tatsuro,
Morning here in Santo Domingo and I first observed Antares at 330x to see the double. I then compared your EMS with my TV Dielectric 90° and couldn’t see any difference!!! Very good. In the picture I am following Mercury into the daylight. So far your system is working perfectly

Comment by Matsumoto/管理者のコメント;
Thank you for your nice report.
There is nothing that could make me happier than sharing the excitement of the EMS with the users.
I am looking forward to receiving your follow-up report, too!

Follow-up Report by Mr. John Van Allen 2/20 !

Good Morning Tatsuro
I’ve been observing since 0300AM here in Santo Domingo and awhile ago the seeing was excellent for about 15 minutes and I had Antares with your EMS and it was absolutely perfect. The A component was red/yellow and the B was blue and the separation was great. I pushed the NP127 to 660X and both stars were perfect spheres. The picture doesn’t show what my eye saw. It was with an old iPhone 6 cellular. I am VERY impressed with your EMS and your excellent craftsmanship. Congratulations