PARADOX / パラドックス

My motto is “Truth is paradoxical.”.

The theory that seemed to be perfect often proved to be wrong afterward, and that seemed to be suspicious often proves to be true in the end.

The common sense is not always true, or often times in the wrong.

For example, it is true that the lack of calcium will make our bone weaker, but taking excessive calcium will not necessarily increase our bone density.
The excessive calcium in our blood will cause the avalanche to eliminate the excessive calcium to restore the normal balance and end up still more lack of the calcium in the initial condition.

According to the evolution of the primitive creatures, the first sea lives had no spine because the primitive sea water was full of calcium and there was no need for them to store the calcium in their body.
It is very paradoxical that they earned their spine in the river because there is scarce calcium in fresh water and they had to store it in their body.
Full of calcium and no spine, and scarce calcium and spine. Isn’t it so paradoxical?

By the way, look at the standard medical care of these days.
If your blood pressure is higher than the normal, the doctor is very likely to administer the anti-hypertensive drugs at once.
If your blood contains too much fat, the doctor will do in the same way.
The higher numeric value should be decreased in their manual.
And they never doubt decreasing the value to the normal stage is the “cure”.

Is our body so simple?

上の稚拙な英文をお読みいただき、いくらかでも共感いただけましたら幸いです。 私は時々こんなことを考えています。 随分前に書いた文章ですが、忘れてしまわないうちに記録しておきました。

私の言動が時に唐突に、また偏屈に見えようと、全て”逆説に真理あり”の信念から来るもので、その意味では一貫しているのです。^^; 製品開発に対するポリシーも同じです。