New version of EMS-UM released !/ 新型EMS-UM (-UMA,UMB) 発売!


The mirror of the former EMS-UM was cut out from the normal elliptical mirror of 42mm by 59mm into
the final shape. That meant not only a lot of time and effort in the processing, but also the anxiety factors
on the negative effect over time.

Now, sufficient quantity of the final shaped custom made mirrors, 32mm x 60mm, for EMS-UM are secured and
announce the release of the New EMS-UM.
Quicker delivery and further improvement of the durability will be expected.

  • The section of the light cone on the EMS-Mirror is the ellipse of 1:2, while that of the 45-deg mirror is 1: 1.4142….(sqr-2).

EMS-UMA: (The new EMS-UM with the new mirrors) —50,000yen (Sale Price=45,000yen)
EMS-UMB: (2inch-sleeve version+31.7AD) —51,500yen (Sale Price=46,500yen)

EMS-US was discontinued in accordance with the new EMS-UM.




EMS-UMA: (The new EMS-UM with the new mirrors)
            —税別50,000yen (税込みセール価格=49,500yen)
EMS-UMB: (2inch-sleeve version+31.7AD)
            —税別51,500yen (税込みセール価格=51,150yen)


*従来は一般的な斜鏡(1:√2の楕円)を蒸着後に1枚ずつ切削加工して所定の形状を得ていました。 今後は、ほぼ全てのEMSに於いて、その工程が省ける、ということです。短期的には、痛い投資が先行しましたが、長期的には、より良い製品の供給と、より長く製造を継続するために必須の改善と思っております。