Liked by the walking dog / 散歩中の犬に好かれる

When I was closing the shutter of my shop this evening, a walking dog, a small Pomeranian, suddenly out its way to jump at me with joy all in her(his) body.
Her owner, a young mother, on the lead panicked and tried to stop her apologizing to me, but I said,
“No problem, I like dogs!” and cuddled and holded the dog showing happiness in all its body.
The dog was so happy with me that it would not like to move to its way home with the owner, and the owner had to pick her up to return to their way. It was a good day today. It is very rare to occur at the first meet with the stranger dog.



それにしても、初対面でこの喜びようは珍しい。しゃがんで抱き寄せ、ちょっと(人間で言う)脊柱起立筋(デッドリフトがよく効く)辺りを指圧してあげたところ、ますます興奮し、大喜び。^^; 犬は帰宅拒否になって動かなくなってしまい、やむなくオウナーさんが抱えて帰路に付かれた。^^;