Knack of understanding of my website / 当サイトの見方

I am afraid that it might sound intrusive, but I would like to give you a good knack to understand better the contents of my website.
The point is, Do not try to exploit only the narrow sensed direct answer to your question, but try to understand the fundamental theory by chronologically investigating all the related articles in my website. The keyword search in my website will help you quite a lot.
Here is a good example. Assume that you want the answer of “540/12”, but it will be nothing that you only get the answer of “45”.
In such a stance, you will have to look up the answer when you come accross another question of “637/49”, and such repetition will follow.
To acquire the mechanism of division is more important and useful, and if it seems to be difficult even reviewing addition and subtraction would work quite a lot.  Never leave anytying ambiguous. Even though it sounds bothresome, we will be happier to reach the clear understandings of the fundamental principle.
たとえば、当面 637÷49の答が欲しかったとしても、13という答だけを探すのではなく、割り算の原理を理解してください、ということです。
そして、割り算がよく分からなければ、足し算や引き算に戻って復習する姿勢を持っていただきたいということです。 最初は面倒くさいかも分かりませんが、それが結局は真の理解に至る近道であり、根本が理解できた 方が、何倍も楽しいですよ。