First Silver Medal at the local Arm-Wrestling match / 始めての銀メダル(米子がいな祭り杯)

Reverse side? Which is the face side?

Extra prize of the juicer. The fan is that the Muscular man of SDF personnel,I defeated at the third round, gave to me.


Are you a highschool student? You were so strong for your age.
君は高校生か? それにしては強かったよ。


Later proved to be you were also a body-builder. You looked taller than me by 10cm and having 10kg more weight at least.
あなたもボディビルダーだったんですね。 私よりも身長で10cm、体重で10kgは大きかった。


You, Muscular SDF personnel,your rumor has being heard even in Tottori City that you were the most powerful winning candidate.
I will successively train myself so that I would not be revenged by you someday.


You were the giant that standed out most conspicuously among the competitors. You looked far above 6-feet and I heard that you were 108kg in the weight.
I will revenge you next time.

あなたは体重108kgだそうで、地元のプロレスラーだと後で聞きました。 次回は雪辱できるように頑張ります。

試合後の光景: 自衛隊ブースの隣でした。