Debut of the Larger Helicoid / 大型ヘリコイドの完成!!

Today is the commemorative day of the larger helicoid to be finished.It is not only larger in size, but perfectly designed to perform the ergonomic IPD adjustment with the helicoid.The left handed helicoid and the right handed one are provided. The bottom end is 65mm tapered male flange and the top end is 65mm female sleeve. The shortest hight without flange is 27mm and the longest 43mm. (stroke is 16mm)

EMS-BINO用に特化した大型ヘリコイドが完成しました。 標準ヘリコイドの経験を活かし、さらなる精度剛性アップとデザインにもこだわりました。(左の写真で標準ヘリコイドとのサイズ比較が出来ます。)