The appeal of Arm-Wrestling / アームレスリングの魅力

Here is Japanese saying, “Haeba tate, tateba ayume no oyagokoro.”
The meaning is;
“Stand if you crawl, Walk if you stand. It is parental affection.”
I am just receiving such kind guidance from the senior arm-wrestlers in my Arm-Dojo. I have almost acquired the knak of the top-roll and am learning the special knak of gripping. They are very serious and kind in improving my skill.
No other sport or hobby is more decisive and faster in choosing the winner than Arm-Wrestling.
In other word, Arm-Wrestling is the rare sport in which the efforts will be clearly rewarded.
Look into the cyber field, you will find so many false authorities sprinkling sloppy informations and they are shadowing the truth. But, in the world of Arm-Wrestling, the stronger will always win!