Televue-76-BINO and Clave 80(F15)-BINO by Mr. Frank Rosengoltz in France

Good evening Matsumoto-San.
In August 2020, I bought a set of EMS-US from AOK in Switzerland.
I think this is probably this set which I could see on your website.

They arrived in France, final destination, in October.
I just wanted to share with you some pictures of the 2 binoscopes I am using the EMS on.
First one is made of 2 Televue 76 (2 first pictures). The binoscope is mounted on a Desert Sky Astro altaz mount with encoders and Nexus DSC.
The binoscope works great and your products are fantastic. Easy to use, premium quality and the sharpness and brightness of the image are just incredible. It is perfect for wide fields.
The second instrument is a Clave 80mm F/15 binoscope. I had a little issue with the backfocus initially, but I was able to fix it. This instrument is of course more demanding based on the long focal length but it works great on double stars and lunar observing. Again, the EMS is a perfect fit.
I wanted to thank you for the quality of the products you make that are so enjoyable to use.
Best regards.

Dear Frank,
Congratulations on completion of your fine Binoscopes!
Firstly, let me admire you on your feat overcoming the language barriers.

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