Today is November 1, 2020 and it is the weekend. The weather in Xi’an is exceptionally good, so I decided to try the mirror outdoors. The SKY90 pair of Takahashi is extraordinarily small and compact, and has been listed as the best DIY pair by fans, just in time to catch up with the eyepieces of the mirror friends. Taking advantage of the good weather, they pulled out together for a stroll.

Just do it, as shown, there are three packages in total. The length of the SKY90 double body is less than 50cm, so there are many bags to choose from. My bag is slightly larger, but there is space for foam protection. Gitzo and Winton V100 can be put in one bag, and the remaining pieces, such as eyepieces, small pairs, etc., can be put in one bag, so that a total of three bags can realize that one person can easily go downstairs.

After arriving at the scene, unfold the tripod and put on the main mirror. The same is true of the advantages of the hydraulic gimbal. If you frequently touch at home, you don’t need to adjust your balance, and you can really plug and play. The gimbal is Yundun’s V100, which supports Tianjiu very easily. The above are a few pictures of posing for everyone to enjoy. In addition, the image has been compressed, so the quality is not good, so sorry first.

This booth is not a professional evaluation, nor will it make any comments on optics. It is just a routine booth, which is more like a fitness activity. I have a few pairs of eyepieces in my hand. I just want to see the effect during the day, and know more about which eyepieces this pair is more suitable for or which ones I prefer. Not much nonsense, put on the image after the eyepiece, as for the quality of the image, please judge by yourself.


Finally, here is the group photo of Zhang and Breise, I wish you a happy weekend, thank you for watching!