Lost to the sons of my nephew / 甥の子に負けた。

My nephew,Ophthalmology Specialist,took a visit to me with her wife and two sons, yesterday.
His two sons, the older is nine and two month’ and the yonger four and eight months,challenged me as a team on

I know average adult will have to use both hands to win over me in armwestling.
More over children, even in duo, should never defeat me even by four hands.
But I easily lost to the two sons’ team effort by four hands. I have leaned that we shold not underestimate

何と、兄弟連携の奇襲にあえなく惨敗! 子供を侮ってはいけません。^^; 後で聞いたら、甥と長男は毎週ボルダリングの練習をしているとのことで、
納得した次第。^^; 一対一で本気勝負をしないといけなくなる日も遠くないかも知れない。^^;