Eye Booster / 巨人の眼(テレコンBINO)

Base holes being made. 下穴工程。

Steps are being processed on the base holes. 段差工程。
Thread milling being processed. ネジ切り工程。
Outline milling being done. 外形工程。
10 pieces of the plates are finished. 10枚仕上がり、これよりアルマイト工程です。
Front view. 対物側。
Eye-side view. 眼側。

The IPD is 70mm because of the diameter of the lens. But, because of the extra-large eye-lenses and the excellent off-axis performance, there was no strain even for me of 62mm of the IPD. Your eye performance will be boosted up to twice, as if you became 12-feet of the Giant, that must be a thrilling experience.