Et tu Brute?(And you too, Brutus?) / ブルータス、お前もか?

Those with a guilty consciousness would be nervous at the title, or those who can be brazen-faced to betray me would never care about such a post?
I am not sure which is right.
Anyway, I am declaring that I never deserve the shameless betrayal by my friends or the client companies, becasase I can swear that I had been kind and honest to them all, toward my personal belief.

I will attach weight to the personal relationship with my clients from now on too, as a one-man-shop owner, and be honest, and never pretend to be a big company.

まあ、どちらにせよ、私は自分のポリシーにかけて、人の恨みを買って裏切られるような覚えは一切ないことを宣言しておきたい。 誠実と正直をモットーとするポリシーを今後も貫徹するのみだ。
client の方々とは、いつでもプライベートに向き合い、その信頼関係の元で仕事をする姿勢は今後も変えようがない。私は最後まで個人企業であって、会社を偽装するつもりも必要もない。