EMS-US SET for Switzerland completed!

EMS-US SET for the “D” of 150mm. I usually recommend larger EMS tor this scale of the D, but the need of the client was limited only in 31.7mm-size  eye-pieces. I still recommend EMS-UL, but the client has the right to choose. His attitude is better than that of “Best or Nothing.
このくらいの“D”ですと、31.7アイピース限定でもEMS-ULをお勧めしますが、Fの長い鏡筒であれば、この判断もあり、ということです。”Best or Nothing” になるよりも賢いご判断ではあります。(それと、防塵フィルターは、やはり安全のために装着された方が良いですよ。)