Adapters (mount holders) of the Highlander Binoculars are in the making / 簡易マウントホルダー、久々に製作中(ハイランダー用軽量架台用)

What are those parts? Only the old fans of my website would know what they are for. Those are the parts for the adapter between the Highlander Prominar 80mm Binoculars and the light weight arm mount that I made.
For more detail, please refer to my old articles.

Light-weight mount for Highlander binocular / 久しぶりにハイランダー用軽量架台納品

Highlander Mount (Number-2 of the 10 lot) ハイランダー用軽量架台(10個ロットの内の2台目)

Mount holder of the compact center-mount / マウントホルダー(ハイランダー用軽量架台)