49th Day’s Sermon (四十九日法要)

Twenty-five relatives gathered in the temple yesterday to hold the Buddhist sermon of “49th Day” for my father.

Buddihism believes the dead will be judged by his or her righteousness to go to Heaven, or land in the Hell, on the very day of 49 days after the death.

I know my father had met many heartless peolple through his life, but He must have forgiven them in the discipline period of the 49 days after his death to pass the final test to go to Heaven. I wish he had done so.

昨日、25名の親族が集まって、父の四十九日法要を済ませました。 人の最後(というか死後の最初の)の仕事は、「親族を再び引き寄せること・・」かなあ、と感じました。