Largest EMS I have ever made / 過去最大のEMS


I did not like the original Aluminum coatings and I have them removed and re-coated by the Silver.

Please compare the multi-reflection effect of two kinds of coatings.
The above is Enhanced Silver, and the below is Enhanced Aluminum.




Another EMS-UL SET in black completed


Handle unit base/ How to attach it to the band base

A dovetail holder (finder base) should be set on the bottom of the band. But so many M6 thread holes on the bottom. Too many holes on the bottom of the band is nothing but a nuisance for those who can DIY.
There seems to be no space left on the bottom for 20mm-span of two M4 thread holes to make.
What would you do in such a case?
I managed it in the way shown in above movie.

昨今の鏡筒バンド底部のおびただしい数のネジ穴は、ある程度の加工が出来る者にとって、迷惑以外の何物でもありません。^^; なるべく低い位置に20mmスパンのM4ネジ穴を2つ施工したいのに、好位置はすでにM6ネジ穴が居座っています。こんな時、あなたならどうしますか?

(天文マニアの大半は穴あけ、ねじ切りすら出来ないという前提なのか? 「天文マニアがボール盤を持たないのは、一般家庭に包丁が無いのと同じ。」と、また言いたくなった。)

130-F7-APO-BINO almost completed / ほぼ完成!

This binoscope looks as if it were F/6 by cutting short of 100mm to extend the back-focus.

当初の見積もりに反し、鏡筒を10cm 切断しました。