H-alpha Solar through the thin clouds(20cm-BINO)

Far behind the real image by both eyes, a large prominense can be seen near the north pole when the clouds are less. It is impossible for the cheap WIFI-CAMERA to express the real image of the both eye viewing.


H-alpha-Solar observation by the 20cmBINO / Hα太陽、20cm-BINO

The first thrilling experience of H-alpha-Solar observation!
12cm aperture stop—- 20cm-f=1400mm objective ——R2 filter —- UV/IR cut filter —-EMS-UXL —–POWERMATE-4X— COMBO-QUARK-chromo——–LAVENDURA40mm  (140X)
After a while of twist and turns, the above arrangement is proved to be right for the best image.

EMS-UL for US completed

EMS-UL for the single use is ready to be shipped to the US.
I regret my EMS became famous as a component of the binocular telescope, before totally taking place of the traditional diagonal mirror/prism.
Of course, that’s far better than nothing, but I do regret so many senior manias still stick to the traditional diagonal mirrors with the stubborn belief of its superiority.


Housings of the EMS-UXL

The principle of the EMS is so simple and I have posted so much technical information that it might be easy to copy my EMS. But I wish telescope industry would have better understandings of the EMS and contribute to the maturity of the telescopes to easier accept the EMS for the moment.
I do not welcome anyone to just steal my idea and share of the EMS and I have never allowed anyone to procuce it.
I beleive those who know the shame would never copy my EMS in the market without my permission.

Practicing to observe H-alpha-Sun / Hα太陽、テスト観測

Preliminary observation by one-eye to know the best assembly for the Binoscope observation.
I had a good glance of the prominence and chromosphere peeking through the clouds. I tried in vain to make a movie hindered by the clouds.


Encoder is set on the horizontal unit (TTS160 MOUNT for the 20cm-BINO

It enables the TTS160 Mount to be operated PushTo with the use of the AAS-2 (Altutude sensor).